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Why Spray Foam?

Properly insulating your home or building is paramount to achieving a comfortable and energy efficient home or building.

It has been estimated that 40% of a home's heating or cooling loss results from airflow through cracks around wall outlets and windows, along duct runs and other leak sources throughout the building envelope.

Insulation materials that are not self-sealing and monolithic fail to stop this waste of energy through cracks and openings between the studs and insulating materials.

By utilizing the superior thermal and air sealing characteristics of airtight spray foam insulation, homeowners/building owners can realize energy savings much greater than comparable buildings with traditional insulation.

We can help you decide how to insulate correctly based upon your specific needs and budget, on new homes as well as most existing homes with closed cell SPF.

Spray foam insulation is among the best barrier and thermal seals.  Spray foam gives a thermal seal that keeps your heating and cooling costs low.  The barrier keeps pollutants out of your home and greatly reduces noise and pollution.  As an inert substance spray foam insulation retains its structural integrity for the life of your home.  It is not affected by moisture, mold, insects, or rodents.

Insulation Type High "R" Value Stops Air Infiltration Stops Insect Infiltration Moisture Resistant Rigid Lightweight Safe
Spray Foam Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Fiberglass Insulation No No No No Yes No No
Rigid Board Yes No No Yes Yes Yes No
Cellulose No No No No No Yes No

Bayer Material Science

We are a proud supplier of Bayer Material Science chemicals.

Spraytech International is an authorized Gianco PU foam machine dealer.